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Hero!!! (BLW Contributor)

G-Star RAW

Unprecedented Cult

Oh yeah, this feeling is right
I’m not gonna hide that perfect smile
Even if the sun goes down
And the night breaks free
I’m not gonna pretend like a person Im not supposed to be
You cant deny the swing of time
Every day is gonna be like a glass of wine
Intoxication is what we’re living in
The truth will be fervently poured within

I long for the vehement desire
And shun away my greatest ire
After all this time
I tried to hide
My greatest mistake was my own disguise
I would walk away from the belligerence
And my coutenance will be my deterence

You’ve got to make the best of life
You’ve got to create the chances of time
Let there be peace
Let there be rhyme
For I’m not gonna sway away from time
You got to hold another day
A fortune that was once…

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