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Plugged In – My Music, My Life (BLW Contributor)

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Unprecedented Cult


Being an introvert, most of the time I spent in childhood revolved around studies, sketching, writing amateur poems and fictional stories. One man who influenced my childhood was my grandfather – “Bapu” as we used to call him was a Reader in Physics department of a well known college in Lucknow.

That Brilliant and disciplined personality, was somewhere I knew my lifeline. Studying under his guidance, playing chess, watching TV leaning on his stomach, sharing my daily thoughts was the only world I thought I had. Till the time I gained some senses, there had developed a strong feeling of losing him as he was growing old. The old man promised me that he won’t leave me until I was out of school and he has seen me through my academic years. But as they say promises are meant to be broken, Bapu left me when I was in…

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