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This Parenting Thing (BLW Contributor)

Get all your Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box!!!

Birthday in a Box
Birthday in a Box


Bordeaux on the Ferris Wheel

The “Thing 1” aka The Chicky B

So today was the day it happened. The kid’s four years old (going on 44) and she did kindly announce that it was wake up time and that I needed to get up. She said that the sun was out so it’s not rest time but wake up time. She encouraged me to get up. All I did was roll over. She said “mommy get up.” All I did was shove a tablet in her face with Spongebob the Movie on it and roll over the other way. She gave me one final chance to get up and I just curled up and sunk back in my bed under the covers. She just didn’t understand that Mommy and Daddy wanted adult time last night and tried to replay a moment in our lives where we didn’t have kids and could stay up all…

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