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The Little Hearts (BLW Contributor)

Unprecedented Cult

...The Wait for the Warmth!! …The Wait for the Warmth!! “Will you play with me??” – the innocent voice caught me from behind when I was engrossed in the mystery of the completely new surrounding. I turned around to see those sparkling doubtful eyes waiting for the uncertainty. Standing there unmoved for a while by the calmness and the pain of the voice, I nodded my head…..

The incident marks its way around 17 years back, probably 2/3rd standard when our school batch visited an Orphanage run by the Catholic community. Unaware of the place we were visiting in that fragile age , we thought of it as more of a picnic venture rather than anything else. Excitement racing through we had already filled up our bags the previous night with all the regular usable stuff, that we had to distribute to the not so lucky ones.

Amazed by the aura, we saw kids of…

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