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The Roving Palate (BLW Contributor)


IMG_20160611_154718696_HDR.jpgFor a couple of months this summer I lost my drinking buddy. Not that he actually went away, but some medication he was taking ruined his wine palate. He spurned the bottle of red we usually share forcing me to find enjoyment elsewhere. My roving palate was encouraged by his misfortune to seek out new adventures with whites and rosés.  

Our taste buds are easily impacted by external forces like medications or associations with good or bad experiences. A wine enjoyed on vacation will conjure up wonderful memories. Or, conversely, the hangover you suffered at college will forever be associated with too many shots of Jagermeister. Whether you’re indoors or outside also makes a difference in how things taste. The great outdoors does wonders for the appetite. How satisfying is a barbecue or a picnic after a long walk? If you’re sipping wine while taking in the beauty of nature…

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