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Apology (BLW Contributor)


bent wire

When I accidentally bump into someone, I apologize. When I am unintentionally rude to someone, I say I’m sorry. There are many reasons we need to apologize to those around us, and these are mostly minor. Then there are times an apology is necessary, but maybe not enough.

When a wrong is done and an apology follows, does that make the wrong nil and void? Can the words “I’m sorry” fix everything? It seems the burden of correcting bad behavior is placed on these words, and they are an essential start to righting wrongs. Some expect these words to make everything okay. While a sincere apology can go a long way in making things better and maybe can even fix some things, many wrongs require more than just an apology.

It’s kind of like making a dent or punching a hole in a piece of shiny foil. Once the mar is…

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