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Witness by Walkthrough (BLW Contributor)

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I tasted the cocoa, rich and smooth

Was i caffeine intolerant? Oops…
It was meant to let the reigns go loose

Couldn’t set the limits now, could you?
I plunged into the cool crisp waters

head down first

And forgot my gills and flippers,oh shoot!

Tap dancing with sneakers and karate with wedges

Feeling a little out of place , wouldn’t you too?

But I keep going on, adding to my box of sins

Not sinful enough? Well that term always was relative.
Not accountable to anyone,riding the freedom mighty high aren’t I?

Sans witness sans responsibility and only time will tell,

will it lead to sans happiness,damn! am i doomed?

But hey you saw me,you witnessed all my crimes

lurking behind the shadows

you saw me giving myself away dime by dime

consciously or unconsciously,that’s not anymore prime

As you have now become

my partner in crime…

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