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Will You Go Beneath Your Surface To Find Your Answers? (BLW Contributor)

Michael J. Fite


“Beneath the surface, there is a deeper reason for what is going on in your life right now.” -Karen Berg

Keep this in mind whenever you cannot make sense of what is going on in your life.

Even though you may not see why you are experiencing what you are going through on the surface, there is a deeper meaning that is awaiting us to catch up and understand why. Before we dig further, let’s answer a few questions.

What is the surface?

Merriam-Webster defines surface as:

  • An outside part or layer of something.

  • The upper layer of an area of land or water.

  • The flat, top part of something (such as a table or desk) that you can work on.

The surface can give us a view or a place to start or see something.

Surface002[4].jpgWhat is wrong with the surface?

Melanie Koulouris sums up the issue on…

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