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Juggling by Agatha & Mary (BLW Contributor)

Agatha and Mary

Working-MumSo Mary, I bumped into your granddaughter Emma in Wimbledon the other day.  She looked well, her little boy is a bonny lad, sitting up in his pram and chucking toys at me. What a darling!

Oh he is quite adorable isn’t he?  Looks just like his father don’t you think?  Shame about the hairline of course – he’ll be bald by 20, but c’est la vie!  Yes lovely young Emma has caused quite a stir with the in-laws as she’s is thinking about going back to work. Did you know?

No, dear, she didn’t mention it.  But little Hubert is only six months old.  Does she want to go back so soon?

I think it’s more a matter of needs must, Agatha.  But she did used to enjoy her job so I think a part of her is looking forward to working again, and no doubt regaining some of…

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