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Why Are You Unstoppable? (BLW Contributor)

Michael J. Fite


“She was unstoppable not because she didn’t have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.” -Unknown

Keep this in mind whenever you think about becoming unstoppable.

There is not a single person, including you and I, that has not experienced some type of doubt or failure in life. For some people, it happens more than others. For some people, those doubts and failures are more than enough to keep a person down, prevent them from moving on, or trying something new.


The hard part about doubts and failures is the fact that depending on the hurt that we experience from the experience, it is hard to get back up. It may be easier to be the victim or have other people who are consistent doubters and failures in life to come in and try to keep you down with them. It may be easier to blame others…

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