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Happy National Book Lovers Day!!! – What is your favorite Book & Recommendations?

If you’re a book lover, you know there’s nothing like reading. Reading pulls you from reality and sends your mind on ultimate adventures. It can put your mind at ease, get you riled up, help you through difficult times, create invisible mentors, cut you to your soul, build you up… But regardless of the story, it will always fill you with the unmistakeable joy that is reading. 

What are you currently reading? What’s your favorite genre? Can anyone recommend a great title to me?



  1. I like almost any genre’. But I love a good thriller. Need to find you by Joseph Souza was really good as well as any of F.G.Cottam’s books beginning with The Colony. Happy Book Day!

  2. My favourite book(s) are the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. I finished it a couple of years ago but haven’t found anything to replace it yet as my favorite. Currently i am reading ‘The book thief’ by Markus Zusak. I prefer crime fiction but I read other genres too.

  3. I like all genres. I’m currently reading “End of Watch” by Stephen King. Third of the series. I’ve recently discovered the convenience of the San Antonio online library. Oh joy! My addiction is satisfied.

  4. Two of my most favorite books were, The Far Pavilions” and “Blood of the Flowers”. The Far Pavilions was set in the 1800s in India and is historical fiction. The Blood of the Flowers is about a 14-year old girl in 14th century Persia, also containing historical fiction. Both were fascinating (imo).

  5. Books like friends should be few but good. Well, let’ say that one should be very selective and go for quality rather than quantity otherwise one may end up by reading a lot only to have one’s mind full of irrelevant garbage. Reading books is like eating, one can eat a lot of fast food and not only lack proper nourishment but be very unhealthy as well. There is a lot of trash literature nowadays in the world of books as there is in every other areas of cultural activities due to commercialism, hype and favouritism of celebrities. At the moment I’m not reading anything because I’m busy doing other things among which finishing a couple of new books of mine that are almost ready for publishing. I only publish on kindle because amazon gave me the opportunity to publish as nowadays for an unknown or aspiring author to find a commercial publisher is more difficult than winning the national lottery that is why there is so much mediocrity in the world of books. As for my favourite genre what is important to me is that a book, whatever the genre teaches me something that is valuable for me and mind opening. I like allegorical fantasy blended with philosophy and humour, especially life style philosophy, that is what I write. If I have to recommend a book it would be the greatest book of prose ever written which is the Don Qixote by MIguel de Cervantes. Another book that I’ve enjoyed lately is: “I’m a Cat” by Natsume Soseki that is the best book of Japanese literature. For children and adults too: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and the Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster.

  6. 3 favourite books that I frequently revisit – To Kill a Mockingbird, An Equal Music – Vikram Seth and Shipping News – Annie Proux. Really difficult to choose just one…also love Time Traveller’s Wife…and…and…and…

  7. Too many to add, though I really love most of Agatha Christies and read them over and over when it has been awhile. Right now I am on a Chris Bohjalian kick and a lot of psychological creepy suspense.

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