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Good day Guilt by Seachy Waffles (BLW Contributor)

Seachy Waffles On. A chronic way of life!

Living with Chronic Pain is as I previously described a roller coaster of ups and downs, whenever you speak to your pain team they remind you of the importance of pacing and baselines and these are two very important key parts of my Pain Management Jigsaw, BUT and it is a big BUT life has this nasty habit of intervening.

Pacing is great and it has helped me no end in getting to grips with long journeys (30minutes+). For example we avoid motorways now so we can pull over whenever I need a break, and not when the service stations dictate. It does make journeys a little longer or further in distance but it does mean you get to see so much more of the UK and beautiful scenery. For example had we done the motorways last year we’d never have gone past this;


Family life and pacing, is much…

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  1. Many years ago when I was a little girl and Stonehenge was freely open, my family used to sit on the stones and eat our sandwiches. It was a short walk from our home and we would take the dog and a picnic. We had no idea how lucky we were!

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