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Bringing home the Bacon by Drag the Pen (BLW Contributor)


Dear Readers,

Here is something to crew on.


Society consist of the nuclear family, meaning two adults and their children and throw in a pet or two. Some how its been established that man’s duty is to bring home the bacon. Why? Because he is the head of the family.

Question, if the wife of this nuclear family earns more money compared to her spouse, Does this means that she is now the head of the  family? There are countless husband, boyfriends etc., who are not comfortable with a women  earning a bigger pay check than they do.

Does this mean that a man identifies his position in his home based on his earning power? And what does this say for a woman who earns less?

What say You?

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  1. That’s just the stereotypical way of the “Everyday Marriage—Man makes more the woman” Nowadays though, they are at equals as well. At the same time, some men strive to make more than his counterpart because it is a power issue to them.

  2. I honestly wish I made more than my wife, not because I’m jealous of her earning power but because we need the cash flow. Who cares who makes more if you’re married and it’s all used to pay bills and be happy together?

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