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When the World Breaks Your Heart by 4unansweredprayers (BLW Contributor)


Every day, when you want to smile the world will tell you no. It will advise you to watch the news. How can you be happy when there is so much sorrow in the world? Are you so heartless? Taking a selfie while so many are dying of hunger? Haven’t you heard of those who died from the recent attacks scattered all over the world?

Everyday life gives you a reason not to be happy. It will remind you of dreams not met. It will tell you that you are not moving fast enough. It will show you people who started the race with you but are now far ahead of you. It will sneer at you, do they have two heads that they do better than you?

Everyday Quote Everyday society will call you a fool. They will look at you brace the storm of your life and judge you. They…

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