Get your Body Back!!! by Woman in Recon (BLW Contributor)


Woman in Recon



My breast cancer did not require chemo or radiation after my mastectomy. I do not promote any exercise during or after chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Throwin’ in a word of caution here: follow the advice of your oncologist regarding any exercises to get your body back.

Be patient. While in the midst of chemo is not the timefor cardio.

Okay, I gained weight (yeah, a lot) and I’d become weak as a kitten. I was very ready to reclaim my body! One year after my mastectomy, my doctors gave me the “go” for moderate exercise. Finally. And I don’t mean cardio, bicycling, or push ups. Push-ups or any hardcore burn moves were strictly off-limits. I’ve never been a fan of workout gurus (sorry, Jillian), whereas always relied on my outdoor chores, gardening, and running my dog to keep me in shape. But that ain’t cuttin’…

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One comment on “Get your Body Back!!! by Woman in Recon (BLW Contributor)

  1. I admire you for your will to get better. In fact no matter one’s illness one can always get a bit better. I help people in healing several diseases with a variety of techniques of which Tai chi and Qigong are the basis because of their softness and when well practiced the ability to increase internal strength that is different from external strength. In fact the total opposite.

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