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The Past and the Present by Magpie (BLW Contributor)

ネ プ じ Diary

My past and my present are entirely different. When I was a kid, I’m very naughty, and I even remember the time that I hate eating. As the time passes, I understand how life is used to be. My mother before is angry at me when I’m not eating and when I’m not studying or if I’m not healthy. I’m slightly thin before. When I was a baby, I’m very healthy, but now, I’m thin and always get easily sick. She even hit me with the belt of my father or if there’s no belt to hit me, then a long stick. I’m such a crybaby when I was a kid. As I grew up, I said to myself that I should become healthy, I should eat healthy foods, I should study hard and I should be good from now on.

When I was in third grade (I’ll be in fourth grade soon), I suffered from dengue…

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