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Crime Log by Cassie’s Stories (BLW Contributor)

Cassie's Stories

“Ugh, my head!” I winced, clutching my pounding head and glancing around at my surroundings.
I was in my hotel room, a cheap hotel in Las Vegas. Far away from the dazzling lights, colors and energy of the Strip, it was the only one we’d been able to afford. Still, we didn’t mind it. The important thing was that the six of us were together for Stacey’s hen weekend. We were so excited to be on the holiday of our lives, far away from our peaceful, quaint little English village, just a short bus ride away from all the shows, casinos, bars and parties we had previously only dreamed of.
I was, however, unsure of what Jessica and myself were doing back in our hotel room. I was still wearing last night’s dress, laying on my bed, with a stinking headache.
“I’m never drinking again!” I murmured, as I slowly…

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