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On A Much More Personal Note by A Horse for Elinor (BLW Contributor)

A Horse For Elinor

All moms recognize that absolutely chilling feel, when you know something is wrong with your child.

Not just a little bit wrong; ouchy, scratchy, sore, tender or mildly feverish – but really wrong and unless you work very hard to get an answer to just what it is, you’ll regret it deeply.

We’ve been there for almost 6 whole months with my oldest son now.  Yes, my wonderful teenage boy.  Your very own super blog photographer!

old wood bird house

His body wouldn’t tolerate his regular meals, and during the winter he started wilting away.  More appointments and medical procedures than I can keep track of.

Many friends must be wondering why they’ve heard so very little from me, for so long…          Well this is it.       A lot of time and energy invested in fretting and finding just the right answers for why he sometimes feels so excruciatingly ill…

And if you’re a mom, you also know…

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