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In or Out – What is Important for my fellow British Men/Women (BLW Contributor)

The Rise of Consciousness...

The Rise of Consciousness…

Unfortunately I have to refer to my fellow Britains as them… when talking about voting tomorrow to stay in or get out of Europe. This is because IAM not allowed to have my BRITISH vote, having chosen a long time ago to live in Europe.

I knew from an early age that there was more to life than what I could physically sense and finding Britain a little too narrow minded and judgemental when it came down to what was right and expected, according to tradition… I decided to leave my home to explore and discover the world and what life and myself was indeed all about.

Travelling through Europe was like walking into a field of fresh daisies, each country displaying their different cultures, different talents and they all showed such openness and tolerance towards others.  OK… Europe remained overshadowed by religion and politics, but the people seemed to have more courage to follow their heart and be free. I loved Europe so much I didn’t travel any further and have enjoyed living here ever since.

There were many casualties on the European mainland after the two world wars, but this also brought the countries closer together as they helped each other across the borders, to recover and start a new life. The idea of a European Union, to bring everyone together, to create a free flow of movement in-between the countries, to share local resources and to implement a single currency and tariffs to reduce costs seemed a great idea to create a happy community… in the beginning.

Over the years, I have observed how a small minority of people are allowed to influence others… and not just within the European Union, but the whole world. We allow it. We have become lazy, irresponsible and indulgent. We have allowed ourselves to get caught up in the material and physical pleasures that satisfy our hollow identity. We have lost all sense of who we are.

YES we have allowed the European Union to overpower us and IAM not sure if there is a physical way we could ever take back our power, but I do know that the answer doesn’t lie with Britain leaving Europe, to leave their friends and fellow Europeans to cope with the unrest that is already playing out all over Europe. Has Britain not learned anything from the wars that our forefathers fought with their lives, to free us from enslavement and racism. Together we stay strong, we can support each other. If Britain leaves it can only create more chaos within Europe. We need each other.

Britain is fearful of losing its sovereignty… but surely it is not about a country… An Environment reflects the sovereignty of the people and isn’t each person sovereign in their own right?

Britain is fearful of immigrants coming into the country… but surely compassion is always the answer. Yes bad apples will try to sneak their way in, but with the practice of discernment, it is possible to sense them and send them back home.

I think we all realise that making more and more rules and regulations only makes life more limited and less empowered. Switzerland is a good example as they live their life with the minimum of rules and regulations and is powered from the grass roots. The country and its people remain motivated, vibrant and rich. Fighting and overpowering each other neither solves our core issues nor makes us feel good, so how do we change this?

By waking up to our individual responsibility of taking care of ourself, listening to our own inner wisdom and understanding what makes us feel great. When we feel great we feel empowered and free. Once we realise that we can choose how we feel no matter our experience, an awareness comes over us, the pure loving consciousness that lies within our Body and Mind. This awareness allows us to perceive the game we are all playing. The mass experience of the good guys vs the bad guys and the story of success and failure… to allow us to find out what we like and makes us happy and choose to transcend it.

When we remember who we are and how powerful we each are… we are no longer fearful and can’t be controlled by others. Haven’t we all experienced enough fear and victimisation… surely its time to live our hearts desire. So what are YOU waiting for.

What would LOVE vote…

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  1. Wow, Americans are dealing with the same issues. Do we chase after a celebrity with lots of promises or do we stay the course that “Lady Liberty” in New York Harbor advocates? Our leaders are trying to isolate us from the world’s troubles at a time when the world needs our money (only God knows how much wealth is here) and a response to moral responsibility. It’s not just Britain, America is also trying to cop out.

  2. You’ve got a great point there. So true… it’s about celebrities who have such a huge influence. Unfortunately we all know now what Britain has decided to do. I’m Swiss, so we have never been part of the EU, but from the beginning. I always thought it was a mistake. I think it is a mistake to leave the EU and apparently way too many people were blinded by what was said by some people. They stopped thinking and were then surprised about the impact their vote had… Let’s see what will happen now…

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