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Exciting times ahead by Spearfruit (BLW Contributor)


Hello everyone, it if Friday, 2 days after my surgery.  I am doing as well as expected and looking forward to getting through the next several days of recovery.  After my last surgery, once the catheter was removed, I experienced some difficult nights.  I actually wrote a post about those nights but never did publish it.  That post was very personal and I was not sure if you the readers wanted to read it.  It may be too much – TMI!  Will see if I experience the same this time around and if I publish that post or not.

Let’s get caught up on the other important events taking place.  The house appraisal was completed a little over a week ago and the results were all good.

Image2 Image Provided by:

The home sale continues to proceed without issues and we are still on the calendar to close on August…

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