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Betrayed by Someone you Love at Any Age (BLW Contributor)


85dc432767d2275b5dc9d6aa70d7fd1bHave you ever met someone that you would bet on your grand-mom’s life that they would never betray or harm you? There was something I found out over the last 24 hours that literally devastated me and brought me to my knees.  Someone that was very important to my present and future betrayed me and others.  And at 40 years of age, I thought that it couldn’t happen to me…..well not again, and not while I am entering into my next chapter of life.

I have always been the type that was extremely naive and wears my heart on my sleeve.  I give chances and try to understand what its like being in your shoes.  I didn’t have an easy life and to some people, my story needs to be written and published in order to help others as a cautionary tale.  My brother and I were raised on welfare…

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