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Meet a Special Family by Emrothwell (BLW Contributor)

I want to introduce you to a very special family.

You may already know that I am the creator of Edwin the Elf and his friends Norma the Gnome, Bumble the Bee, Truman the Troll, Barry the Bat, Albert the Alien and Nozo.  It is now time to welcome Treena the Toothfairy and Betty Butterfly as well as Edwin’s new pet Timmy Tortoise.

Let me introduce you to everyone properly.

Edwin the Elf
Edwin is an elf who lives in the North Pole with Santa.  He is allowed to write to some special children and loves to travel and meet new friends around the world…and beyond!  Edwin has a new friend Timmy Tortoise.

Norma the Gnome
Norma lives in a secret garden and takes care of flowers and wildlife.  Norma is always accompanied by her best friend Bumble the Bee.

Truman the Troll
Truman lives in a cave on the beach and is nocturnal.  His job is to monitor the night sky and track movements in the stars and planets.  He is kept company by Barry the Bat.


Albert the Alien
Albert comes from the planet Squirth but loves to travel the universe.  He is very good friends with Truman.  He travels with his best friend Nozo.

Treena the Toothfairy
The newest addition to the family is the beautiful Treena.  Treena is a toothfairy and always has her trusty little bag full of coins so she can swop them for any teeth she finds underneath pillows.  She is accompanied by Betty Butterfly.

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