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The Story and Reason by A Young Retirement (BLW Contributor)

This story is about the events that ended our travel abroad and cut short our stay in Costa Rica. It is not meant as a negative review of Costa Rica. Although the public hospitals are not where I we would want to go again. But we understand it is a third world country and meets the needs of its people. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and most of the people are nice. Which brings us to this story about the tour from hell. The reason for recounting this nightmare is to warn people about Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica. As you will learn from this story, some people can look you right in the your eyes and completely lie. This is a true story (you couldn’t make this stuff up). The pictures I got after the fact, but are accurate.

We scheduled a the dolphin/ whale watching tour. We thought it would be a nice leisurely boat ride with some great photo opportunities. This tour leaves from Playa Del Coco Costa Rica so we had about an hour trip. We had to leave around 6:00 am. It was advertising as having a water taxi pick us up and take us out to their large boat. Well, the water taxi was merely a 25′ boat taking us out to their 26′ boat. As we were looking for the dock to board the smaller boat came in close to shore. They said this boat would be easier to get in shore, so we could get on. The boat backed in as far as it could, which was about 20′ from shore. So we had to take off shoes and socks or sandals, wade out in the water to the back of the boat. Keep in mind there are four of us all in our mid sixties. And they had told us ahead of time to bring cameras, sun tan lotion, towels, etc. So we were all carrying things. 
They had a small ladder at  the back of the boat to climb up. Similar to this one pictured on the right. That was bad enough, because there was nothing to hang onto except the top of the ladder.  Now at this point there’re 2 tour people standing in the water by us. One was holding the boat and the other just standing watching us. Then there was one in the FRONT of the boat. None of them even tried to help us in anyway.

Source: The Story and Reason Check out the whole story @



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