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Riding In Pain by A Horse for Elinor (BLW Contributor)

A Horse For Elinor

Riding with arthritis, or any joint pain.  Or both.

As adults, we all do it.  You too?  For the love of the horse.  It’s just not talked about all that much.

It’s when the tendons complain too much, that things become a problem.

riding with arthritis

I’ve managed to trigger both elbow joints, an Achilles tendon – a chronic long distance running injury that keep popping up – and a bad calf strain.

Crippled horse care, not pretty now, is it?  (And let’s not whine about the house care.)

Sort of a “mummy look” with ace bandages and support straps in several places of the body.  Someone still has to muck out.  Pick hooves.  Groom.  And yes, lift the saddle on.

I’m whining today, I know.  Missing so many barn days.  Seriously, shopping is NOT the same.

riding with joint pain

A body falling apart and severe pain is not new.  Something I have had to deal with for many years.   There must be many riders…

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