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Ew! So, You’re Constipated…? by Underneath your Skin (BLW Contributor)

Underneath Your Skin

Author: Marie A. Matthews, Freelance Writer

Constipation Photo By: Practical Cures

Are you constipated?

Everyone dreads this embarrassing question. Even more dreadful is the answer that is many times left unsaid. It’s so much easier to say “no” and go about your daily life – so that’s the answer you decide to go with. The real answer seems to be your little secret until… starts.

You wake up exhausted or get exhausted after very little effort. You pack on extra pounds, or just feel bloated. You begin to drift through life in slow motion, feeling (and looking) like an inflated balloon as each miserable day passes. We all know that feeling.

Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to realize that the condition of the digestive system is likely the culprit of these woes. Stress, consumption of processed foods, reduced or non-existent consumption of nutritious food and water, and lack of rest, are just a…

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