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The Flat 6 Effect (BLW Contributor)


That 2 bedroom flat with a medium-sized living room, a small kitchen and that place where bad things come out of people’s backsides. Flat 6 is where two of my best pals reside, also my second home as I visit Bristol quite often on the weekends to get out of London’s chaos and also chill out in my beloved Flat 6, not to see my mates.

Anyway, originally I was meant to live there this year but life happens and things change so now you can find me in south-east London jammin’ in my single bedroom. It’s September and I’ve just got back to rainy Bristol after a long summer holiday in Cyprus, the island of love.. also the island of inefficiency, which is part of its beauty.  My friend Moik(his name’s Michael but that’s our code nickname – real fam) decided on transferring to one of the Bristol universities, without…

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