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I would like to say I lost 10 (BLW Contributor)


My eating plan is in my mind. I would like to say that I have lost ten pounds.

The truth is, I have spent a week getting all of my materials in. Cookbooks, work out tapes, and containers. I spent the past few days watching some of the videos, watching mind you, not doing them….then tried to work out a diet….of course I am still not eating. I usually forget to drink my boost until I am half way down the road. I decided I should put a reminder note someplace, perhaps by my coffee maker. I went into a tail spin yesterday when I watched the videos, not making excuses, just knowing there is no way I can do them right now. I can modify modify modify super modify but I can’t do them like a ‘normal’ person could. I am just too heavy. Then I was reading through…

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