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Viva La Video Store: why video stores are still relevant (part 1 of a 2-part series) (BLW Contribitor)

Toronto Film Files

I was perusing the shelves at Queen Video. That’s when I heard it. The phrase that made me cringe.

“I didn’t even know DVDs still existed!”

I clenched my jaw in exasperation. I discreetly craned my neck to glance behind me at the person who uttered such blasphemy. Of course it was a twenty-something man. My “peer” on paper, but hardly close.

You see, I know very well that DVDs exist.

I know it so well that I spend much of my time (and money) selecting just the right DVD when I crave a movie night. And when I crave a movie night, there is one place I always go: the video store.

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