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Friendship Break up (BLW Contributor)

Accidental Blogger

Last week,Β Β I was a part of a twitter chat on friendship and one of the last questions asked:

Q4 Have you ever had a friendship breakup?

Friendship breakups happen:

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  1. Friendship breaks happen a lot.. It can be caused by all kinds of things. If there is no reason other than friends trying to run your life,as in my case;get rid,and try not to look back.

  2. I have an amazing friend (hope she is still my friend), but we (or I) just stopped talking 😒 I still love her dearly. But like, I moved and then she became christian, and the last time I went to her house for her twin boy’s b-day party… Her new church friends were there and I felt awkward. Like um…. Should I raise my hand to speak, I awkwardly got up and with an awkward look in my face (smiling awkwardly) I said “sorry to interrupt, but I gotta get going. . . she looked at me smiled and said “ok no problem.” Haven’t seen or spoken to her in 2 years😒😒😒

    Did I messed up my friendship? I hope not. She is a busy mom of twin boys whom she home schools and I’m always busy with my business as a home/business remodeler. You know what…. I’m gonna text her lol wish me luck

  3. I always look forward to new beginnings but it’s hard when you were friend for so long and it ends in an instant but life goes on

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