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This time..Now..In the Present by Work Employment the Generations (BLW Contributor)

As I sit here thinking what is next on mys schedule for the day…after applying for several positions prayerfully once again and having a friend visit I briefly begin to ponder again why am I not fully employed with all of my great education, skills, and global experiences…Why am I not ‘on top’ again…yet.

Then it comes to me again…

This is the season of full transition…I have experienced much hurt, pain, and loss in the past few years that my mind, my heart, and body need to heal now. It needs to come to its full completion…its final turn…and So It Is.

I am where I am because of my past choices…because of my current state of being and because this is where I am suppose to be…right now.

I am healing on all levels…I am growing/maturing. I am spending time with loved ones in my ‘new space’…I am growing with them…they are growing with me as I pray and pray again for understanding, peace, and complete healing within and without.

This time is a time of resting because YES I have much more to offer and I am now being prepared in a more holistic way to be ready for what is next. My next step …Now is the time to enjoy the present, the silence, the peace of now running around all day long. But to prepare inwardly and now outwardly to soldier on the field that has been prepared for me for my next level…


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