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Your Dreams are Dead by Perfect Mayhem (BLW Contributor)

These four words flew into the forefront of my brain along with what felt like gallons of blood as I was bent over the floor around my son’s desk retrieving his crumpled up artistic attempts.  He is nearly 7 years old and a truly gifted artist.  I do not say this because he is my son.  A sharp pencil or pen and paper is his chosen medium and from the depths of his soul he creates beautiful and intricate abstracts and hilariously haunting caricatures.  We are a homeschooling family therefore he is privileged to practice and delve deeper into his art everyday for hours on end.  I encourage it, I love it.  This is what I want for my children, why I homeschool, so passion can arise organically and be nurtured.

As I am in his room tidying up and think “your dreams are dead,” I shout out to my husband “is this it for me, is my life over?”  “Yes,” he says.  He always answers my nihilistic questions nihilistically.  To a large extent, he is right.  In a permanent way that you cannot change your mind about like you can the dream of wanting to be a successful blogger or to own a Louis Vuitton bag, bringing children into the world is a dream all to itself.  The dream of children trumps all other dreams.  I remind myself of that anytime I despair about not having an aspiration to call my own or even an uninterrupted shower to call my own.  I wanted this.  These children were and are my dream realized.  It is exciting to watch the unfolding of these beautiful human beings.  And I am their mother.  I am honored to be their safe-space, the place-holder as they venture in and out of their artistic worlds through play and meaningful work.

However.  As I near my mid-30’s, I find myself being less and less content with this idea.  I still have something to offer, I have ideas that flood my head nightly once everyone else is asleep and the silence settles in.  There have been times when I felt disgruntled about life and have thought about this character that I have seen portrayed in television and movies of the overbearing mother who regrets that she never did anything with her life so she nags, meddles, cuts-down and eventually alienates her children.  It could have been different if only she had made a life for herself outside of her role as wife and mother.  This persona would top the list as the worst version of myself.  I don’t want to envy my children and begrudge them of their dreams.

There is another way.  And I already know where to start.  I have been cultivating hopes and desires for people in my family for years.  For a passion to bloom, a person needs tools, space and opportunity to create.  My children deserve that.  I deserve that.  You deserve that.  As adults, we have to make that happen for ourselves.  There is no mother or father around to do it for us now, or maybe, ever.  We are creative-space incarnate.  No.  More.  Excuses.

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