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The Bourne Omission: New Film Title Bucks The Trend by Hive Mind for Hire (BLW Contributor)


2016, ‘the year of cinema’ will see the releases of Batman V Superman, Civil War, Finding Dory, The Jungle Book, Independence Day, Star Trek Beyond and that dreaded Ghostbusters reboot.

Well, needless to say I’m looking forward to summer and one film I personally can’t hold my excitement in for any longer is ‘Jason Bourne.’

With some of the most high octane action scene’s which rival that of the most recent James Bond series, The Bourne Trilogy is one of the most action-packed, yet equally compelling stories in both my book and dvd library. The fourth film, whilst ok, certainly feels out of place here but I digress.

The Bourne films have a trend of being titled ‘The Bourne — *insert word here‘ so you would be forgiven for assuming the fifth film in the franchise would follow suit.However, when the new title was announced it left many of us somewhat puzzled.

Speaking to Empire at the Jameson Empire Awards, Matt Damon admitted that “We talked about calling it The Bourne Something, but I think the idea was to separate this film from the others, because so much time has passed since we did one…”

“…Ours are really about identity, and the guy’s search for identity, and at the end of the third one, he says ‘I’m no longer Jason Bourne’. So without giving too much away, the new one starts with the implications of that: okay, then who is he? What is this identity that’s just sitting out there unclaimed? What does it mean? I think the title will make more sense when you see the movie, but it felt right because it felt pertinent to the story we were telling and also different from the others – in the right way.

I, for one, welcome the change and think Damon’s reasoning was articulate and well devised as to not ruin the story for cinema-goers, and cannot wait to see how the events of ‘Jason Bourne’ correspond with the title.

Directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel, Tommy Lee Jones, and Riz Ahmed. Jason Bourne is released in UK cinemas on July 28, 2016 before opening in US theatres a day later on July 29, 2016.

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