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Voting is a Privilege by Sarah Silverman – Sarah Explains why you should be voting for Bernie Sanders? What are your thoughts? Who are you voting for?



  1. I loved her thoughts on Bernie Sanders – and particularly that she sees him as her best candidate based on the information, not just to follow the crowd. I don’t often agree with her reasoning, but I admired this vlog and love that she’s asking people to vote {even if, in the beginning, she’s telling you she’s not your mother}. I don’t know who I’ll vote for as there seems to be consensus that there may be candidates yet to come out of the woodwork. However, I know several I definitely won’t be voting for – like many times in life, that’s sometimes the best start 😉

  2. Already voted for Bernie in my state’s primaries. He’s the only candidate that I feel like really cares about the people and isn’t just a lying ass, money hungry politician.

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