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Heartless – Alessandra Sands: Burning Bridges by Ryan Fu

As I leave the office, I see a lot of the Horsemen in the records and accounting room shredding plies of paperwork, tearing up record data systems. They were taking their axes and destroying whatever they could, which I thought was very suspicious but when I tried to take a closer look, one of the Horsemen shuts the door on me as I get a phone call from Wendella.

“Hey, slut. What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving the office.”

“Come to the bar nerd, the Black Widows and I are having a drink.”

“I’m not sure. I gotta check up on George. I had another fight the last time I spoke to him.”

“Fuck that. Dust off that vagina, you’re going to get laid tonight, bitch!”

I hang up the phone thinking about another fight with George on why I got home so late, so I decided fuck it. What’s the worse that could happen? I’ll hang out for a minute with Wendy, then I’ll head home I thought to myself. When I get to the bar, I already see Wendella sandwiched between two men who were definitely half her age. There’s no doubt why the bar was called the Easy Street because all the office sluts where trying to cheat on their husbands or boyfriends. The bar was walking distance from the newly constructed Mega Bridge, so every office employee including Horsemen went to the bar. I personally despised the bar because I hated seeing people from work, it’s like if I didn’t like seeing you at work, why would I like seeing you outside of work? But it was not the only reason why I hated the bar. The bar had special club themes like disco night, Asian night, midget night, which I thought was kinda funny but I’ve always hated those dumb club themes. Which tonight was not that different as it was Hawaiian night at the bar.

“Alex! We’re over here bitch!” Wendella screams at me across the bar wearing a hideous straw skirt and coconut bra. She was already wasted after drinking a bunch of fruity drinks with umbrella straws in them.

“Hey, Wendy. How is it going girls?” I take a look at the girls, who all work in the office, which they are affectionately called the Black Widows because they are all soccer moms with families but they sentence people to their deaths as Clearing Agents. It’s quite funny because they are all unassuming not looking like the part of cold calculating killers, but each one of them were as they drink their cosmopolitan and fruity blended drinks with bright umbrellas. They looked like a weird fucked all ladies punk band without the coolness.

You had Sarah aka The Lady of Rage in accounting that had a bit of office rage. She used to go anger management courses just for fun because she was in denial that she had anger issues. I once saw her stab someone with a letter opener because someone used her stapler. Tina from human resources was called a people person but she wore the worst wigs, which she had the record for firing the most people in a week but Julia from legal with her Nazi business work attire is known for firing people on the spot if they look at her weird with that bushy unibrow she had in between her eyes. Then we have the mother hen to the chickenheads, Wendella.

Nevermind the atrocious clown makeup she wore every single day in the office as she literally tries to sleep with everyone in the office or the amount of drugs she takes everyday to make it through the day. Her office table was a full pharmacy filled with legal and illegal drugs. I could take the visually disturbing makeup and the abusive drug use from Wendella but I couldn’t take her annoying ass laugh. It sounded like a screaming banshee hollering in the wind every time she laughed, which almost sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. I cringed every time I heard her laugh, which you could her laugh clear across a room filled with people talking. Her laugh makes you want to “Clear” yourself.

“It was a pretty crazy scene this morning,” I tell the girls.

“I know right? Those vile ingrates should be thankful that Miss Hart didn’t kill all of them. Hart should have disinfected the whole bunch of deserving bastards,” Wendella voices her opinion drinking from her pineapple drink.

“Hail Hart!” The Black Widows shout together putting their fists in the air.

“Last time I checked, you could still hold peaceful protest outside.”

“Honey, you need to wake up and smell the chloroform. We run this country now. We make the rules,” Wendella screams to me laughing at the same time as I begin to cringe regretting why I even came out tonight.

“Hail Hart!” The Black Widows shout together toasting their fruity drinks in the middle of the table.

“Did you ever hear the rumors that she killed her family for going against the Bridge? I wish she killed my own husband that lazy bastard needs to a job or at least fuck me once in a while.” Sarah tells us using her umbrella straw to stab into her pineapple drink.

“I hear she never goes to sleep,” says Tina trying to adjust her orange fiery wig putting a yellow flower on top of her huge melon head.

“She’s such a badass. I just wish I knew where she gets all her great office dress suits. They all scream that I’m head bitch charge but I’m also a lady but it doesn’t mean that you can walk all over me because I’m a badass bitch,” says Julia touching her unibrow.

“Hail Hart!” Shout the Black Widows again with their fist in the air along with the fruity drinks.

“Speaking of rules we should make you drink every time you speak about work. Seriously, you need some D in your P. If you’re lucky you’ll get some STDs.”

“I am good.”

“I’m just talking about the ABCs. Female God knows you need to get laid.”

“I’m fine Wendella.”

“Jesus, I’m just joking. Quit being so serious Alex. Life is much more than work and numbers. It’s about having a good time with friends and not caring about what happens next because you can’t control what happens next. It’s about living in the moment being free of care. That’s how I live my life and I’m having a blast,” Wendella tells me, which I actually agree with her for the first time in a long time. “Also, you are not good. Where’s your boyfriend at tonight?”

“He should be home I think. I mean I haven’t seen him today or yesterday. Lately, he’s been going out more and more not coming home. I know it doesn’t sound good and it might look like we’re have troubles but everyone goes through them right?”

“Fuck that! Forget about that loser, drink up and let’s dance the night away!”

“Hail Wendella!” The Black Widows shout in unison grabbing their drinks storming onto the dance floor.

Wendella forces me to have a good time by drinking shot after shot as the Black Widows and I rush to the dance floor trying to forget our own problems.

Amidst my drunken haze Wendella steps on my toes as we are all cramped on the tiny dance floor, which I notice a familiar figure in the packed dance floor crowd. It was the same ginger headed guy from the suicide scene and from the protest earlier this morning. We make eye contact as he makes his way through the crowd heading towards my way.

“How’s it going?” The strange man asks me as I pretend that I don’t hear him because it was too loud in the club. I did see his small belly poking out of his ridiculous Hawaiian shirt he wore, which did not match with his red hair or his weird ass mustache. He looked like he was sponsored by Hawaiian Punch or the Kool Aid guy. He was a clown of a man, which I think he had a sandwich stuffed in his shirt pocket.

‘I can’t hear ya.”

“I said how would you like to kill the Counselor?”


“You heard me that time.”

“Are you stalking me? Also, is that a real mustache because it doesn’t match with your hair color?”

“The lion always knows when it’s being hunted. Also, it is a fake mustache because I wanted to look cool tonight. I wanted to impress you.”

“First off, I have no idea what you are talking about with the lions and secondly, that mustache is not impressing anyone. You look like a clown.

“Well, after many years of being the prey eventually the hunted becomes the hunter. It’s evolution. Also, I get a lot action with this look. I walk up to ladies stopping them saying I mustache you a question, if it hurt falling from heaven?”

“That is quite possibly the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard.” I tell the stranger, who smelled like barbecue.

I grow tired of his nonsense and the bar scene as I get off the dance floor making my way out of the bar to get some fresh air. As I leave the bar, I could see the top of the Mega Bridge monstrosity poking out of the clouds. As the newly constructed Mega Bridge sign is more luminous than the full moon itself. 

“There are no more truths out here than inside,” the stranger tells me as he follows me outside of the bar eating the sandwich that was in his shirt pocket.

“Jesus, stop following me.”

“I would but we need you for the war,” the stranger casually tells me barely chewing his sandwich, swallowing every bite in a very annoying manner.

“What war? Also, has anyone ever told you that you are quite annoying?”

“The physical, mental and spiritual war to come. And yes, my mother told me all the time that I was annoying but it just means I am persistent on what I want to accomplish.” 

“You’re crazy.”

“My name is Ace.”

“Of course it is. Are you part of a fraternity? Is this a big prank on me? Also, why is it that guys have no clue on how to treat a lady these days?”

“Maybe because we were all raised by bitches. Also, this is not a prank. There is a war coming and you’re going to be a part of it, whether you like or not. You are the key to ending all this suffering.”

“Okay. Thanks for the weird conversation,” as I walk away from him.

“I know why you’re unhappy. Why you can’t sleep at nights? Why you feel trapped? You were meant for more. You were meant to be a leader. You were meant to lead us.”

“Who is we and lead you to where? Can’t you be a normal creep and ask me for my phone number and I just give you a fake number, so we could just avoid all this crazy talk?”

“Lead the Saviors to the promised land. To end your suffering and everyone else’s suffering. Alessandra, the Defender of Men. That’s what your name means right?” Ace tells me this leaning in trying to kiss me.

“Eww. That is not the time to try to kiss someone, especially when you have mustard all over your fake mustache. Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“I’ve been following you for a while Alex. We know you work inside the Bridge and you are close to Counselor Hart. We can stop her and put the end to Bridges.”


“You of all people know all the horrible things they have been doing for years. All the lives and businesses they’ve destroyed thru the years.”

As I carry on the conversation with Ace on the other side of the city, Anubis with the Horsemen, clear low-income homes and businesses of the surrounding newly constructed Mega Bridge building. Under Counselor Hart’s command they are ordered to go to each property making the owners sign deeds of their property over to the Counselor to make room for new businesses for Mega Bridge building. Through numbers and intimidation with the help of their large military force, Horsemen kick in doors forcing poor income families to sign over their homes and businesses that they’ve owned and lived in all their lives. 

“You don’t have the right to do this to us,” as a home owner tries to plead with a Horseman trying to get any kind of empathy, “We have rights too,” as the Horseman kicks in the man’s door as Helicopters fill the night sky while troops show their strength on the ground. 

“Sir, open the door,” shouts a Horseman at a priest inside a church, which happens to be a property that is smack dab in the middle the pathway of the new entrance of the new Mega Bridge building. The church is a key part of the new Bridge foundation as they will steam roll all over the houses and businesses to make a new pathway that will lead them to the Bridge building along with the newly constructed businesses that are part of Counselor Hart’s plan. 

“You can’t do this people. We have rights.”

“We can go whatever we want. We make the rules now,” the Horsemen forcefully tells at the priest.

“This is a church and an orphanage for children for God’s sake!” The priest tries to plead with the Horsemen but they do not care because just like their leader, they are all heartless.

Counselor Hart knows the importance of the church’s location for the new community is a key aspect of rebuilding the foundations of the new Mega Bridge building, in which she manages to leave her fortress of solitude to oversea the whole entire operation. Certainly one of Hart’s virtues is not patience because she is used to having everything served to her on a silver platter in a timely manner. The fact she was sitting in the military truck looking at priest wasting her valuable time by begging the Horsemen to stop, which you could feel her annoyance turning into anger.

“What’s with the hold up?” Asks the Counselor as she writes in her notebook.

“Ma’am, there’s a priest telling us there are children in the building, we want to demolish,” says the Horseman.

As Horsemen pound and bang on the door, “You don’t have the right to do this. I’m calling the authorities,” shouts the priest.

“You don’t have to they’re already here,” says Hart. She got tired of waiting in the truck as she takes matters in her own hands getting out of the truck to deal with the priest. “They are across the street, pastor Troy.”

Pastor Troy takes a peek through the church’s stained glass windows being in total shock in what he was seeing. It was the entire police force standing outside of the church behind the Counselor with the Horsemen. All of them staring at the church, who all of them are clearly behind the leadership of Counselor Hart.

“It’s over priest. God had its chance, his reign is over! Meet the new bitch in charge. I will give the people something to aspire to be and have them worship me like a God. We are the new religion, we are the new the Gods that people will worship.”

“There’s only one God you vile creature! You will not enter this house of God!”

“You have 10 minutes to take your flock of sheep out of my property or you’ll be burned to the ground along with it.”

“There are kids in here you devil woman! Plus, it doesn’t matter, we came from the Earth and we’ll return in ashes to her.”

Counselor Hart’s expression doesn’t change after hearing there were kids inside the church. Her mission was clear with her laser focus, which she was willing to do whatever horrible deeds to accomplish them.

“You are right about one thing, you will definitely be turned into ash if you don’t get your religious ass out of my church. You have 5 minutes or we’ll Huff and Puff your kingdom down to the ground!”

“You’ll never be the true God and people will never worship you!”

The police along with the Horsemen begin to surround the church with torches waiting for the sign from Hart as they all start to chant in unison raising their torches towards the Bridge light beam.

“We are the light in the darkness. We give hope to the hopeless as we help you on this treacherous voyage called life, guiding you home.”

“Let’s help this shepherd along with his lost flock find their way back home,” as the Counselor turns to Anubis giving the sign to the Horsemen to unleash hell upon the church.

Meanwhile, Ace is still trying to convince me while I should join the Saviors crusade as he walks me home. 

“Don’t you want to do more with your life? Be something more,” Ace pleads with me getting closer to my flat.

“I think I’m doing great things with the Counselor and for the Bridges if you must know. I am doing something great for the community and humanity.” I tell Ace, which kinda reminded me of a conversation I had with George in a fight we recently had in out apartment.

“Ah, the Heartless One. I wouldn’t trust that cold-blooded bitch with your life or anyone else’s life because she’s only looking out for numero uno.”

“And I’m guessing you’re the latter. You’re looking out for humanity trying to save the whole damn world.”

“Of course I am. I’m for the greater good. I know your parents had great expectations for you.”

I stop in front of my apartment, shocked and confused of what he just said, turning around asking, “How do you know my parents,” but Ace was gone vanishing into the night. As a voice shouts in the darkness,

“We have great expectations for you, Alessandra, the defender of men. The Phoenix will rise once again and Rome will burn into ashes.” I try to find him in the darkness as I could see a huge fireball in the horizon. Large black smoke clouds filled the night sky. Maybe he was right? Maybe Rome was going to burn.

I step into my apartment not noticing the Horsemen outside, who have been tracking and watching my every move ever since I left the Bridge building but I guess was distracted by my weird conversation with Ace. I mean he seemed totally insane but he was also seemed like he knew what he was talking about, which I wondered if he really knew my parents. I had to clear my head because now I would have to deal with George and his bullshit on why I arrived home so late. I enter the apartment noticing once again George is not there again. It’s been a couple of days now, which I know he goes on benders sometimes but he always comes back. I was starting to feel worried about him.

Before I try to make a couple of phone calls of George’s whereabouts, Horsemen break into my apartment, grabbing and putting me on the floor. They quickly put hand ties and restraint me in my own living room.

“What is the meaning of this? I am a Clearing Agent,” as I struggle in my restraints. “Counselor Hart will hear about this insubordination and have your heads!”

“I don’t think so Mizz Sands.” I look up as I see one of the Horsemen with a funny smile and his strange accent. He was a tall and menacing figure but it was offsetted with his goofy golden buckteeth. “I don’t think she believes in traitors,” as the Horseman bashes me unconscious.

Alessandra Sands: Burning Bridges 

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