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The elegant bun by The Make Up Hair Do (BLW Contributor)


hello beautiful people…

how you all doing… i am back again with a new hair tutorial. So the weddings are still going on even i have to attend a wedding in a week and i am still struggling with the hairstyles as with my lill angel it will be very difficult for me to save my hairdo.. talking about this post.. i have done a hairstyle that is simple classy cool and can be done in any wedding function or you can do that with your casual looks too just add accesories according to the occasion..

so as always i have my second day wavy hair and firstly will comb hair to remove tangles and then divide the front sections of hair and then start back combing your crown area and gather the hair(excluding your front area) and secure that with an elastic band and using a rattail comb loos the crown area a bit to create some volume. Now take your ponytail and back comb it using your fingers( refer pictures) and then pin up everything to secure.

2016-01-04 15.06.43

Now you have 2 options for the front section. FIRST is that you can slightly twist both the sections and pin it loosley at the back. SECOND is make braids with bothe sections and then loosen up the braid and pin them at the back and you can take out some hair to frame your face.. Now u can choose which ever you guys like and you are ready to shine. Hope you guys like it. Do let me know what you guys think about this. Your feedback realy means a lot to me… and dont forget to follow me on instagram… )

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