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it might be easier by Alley Vision (BLW Contributor)

it might be easier to

eat ones own self, if you stop chewing

swallowing in whole complete

tiny little chunks, one- bite-at- a- time

these are also the instructions for eating

elephants…so, they tell me.

it might be easier

if the Screaming Mimi’s  that conduct

symphonies unrequested could be

silenced as easily as bombs are built

indifferent to causality of innocence.

it might be easier

if dark night sudations were pupating wings

watery feelings discontented  to live

in the fortified center of things

towers ravaged from mutiny within.

it might be easier

to accept, understand allowing  processing

procedures  knowing  end results will vary

uniqueness a contributing factor

reformation looking like destruction

no longer amenable to suggestions.

it might be easier

it might be easier

it might be easier

his breath against my shoulder

he is saying

stay here with me, strong arms

wrapping inside grabbing me

feel my heart beat for you,

I wish I could help

let me help

how can I help

his tear burns my back

it might be easier

it might be easier

it might be easier

apologies snot filled loathing

burning… it’s, just,  I can’t, I’m sorry

I won’t leave you he says

vulnerability  blooming strength

his tear burns my skin as it rolls

down my back and I know

it might be easier

letting him hold me

if I believe

we  will burn together.

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