Happy Oreo Day!!! – S’Mores Oreos – How do you like to eat your Oreos?



Credit: Michael De Souza

According to the LA Times, Nabisco’s newest flavor includes a graham cracker-flavored cookie with a chocolate-marshmallow creme filling.  Think s’mores that have been sitting out overnight. Still good, just cold.  

The cookie taste likes a graham cracker, and the filling a mix of chocolate and the classic Oreo creme. Before you know it, you’ve eaten half the bag.  

Looking back at some of Nabisco’s recent Oreo flavors, including red velvet, watermelon, fruit punch and limeade, it’s safe to say the s’mores cookies are a step in the right direction.




10 comments on “Happy Oreo Day!!! – S’Mores Oreos – How do you like to eat your Oreos?

  1. Isn’t cookies one of the four basic food groups? 🙂

  2. desisands says:

    Happy Oreo Day!!! I love to eat my Oreos the traditional way: taking the cookie apart, licking the cream, dunking it in the glass of milk and taking a big bite out of it. I really don’t know any other way to eat them (except with ice cream). Call me “old-fashioned” but the original Oreo is still good even after 104 years

  3. trE says:

    Old-fashioned Chocolate and Vanilla cream Oreos w/ a glass of 2% Milk.

  4. Fijay says:

    erm …..erm …..just can’t get my head around it??? …..then again I’m English :D:D:D:D

  5. Smores are not a thing in the UK and it’s an absolute outrage

  6. gregwashum says:

    The Rainbow (Shure, Bert!) Oreos are deliciously awesome too!

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