Mulan: Best Disney Role Model by JOY (BLW Contributor)



It’s weird, I never thought I would be writing about a Disney character, but here we are. This all started yesterday when my friend and I began talking about our childhood memories and our favorite movies. She told me how much she loved Disney and how Cinderella is her favorite princess and then I proceeded to “crush” her Disney dreams.

Before I begin, you have to understand that I’ve never been one of those people who cared for Disney or princesses (not that it’s a bad thing).

As I child, I liked, Xena: The Warrior Princess, Buffy, Telanovelas, Bollywood Movies, and the History Channel.  So.. Disney was not really on my radar. I always thought the Princesses were odd

Cinderella- She had so much power and strength, but always seemed afraid to use it (I totally understand- life). And I wasn’t into the damsel in distress thing.

Belle– Amazing that she had her own mind and read, but as a kid, I wasn’t into her relationship with Beast-He yelled way to much and had anger issues. And her DAD! (reminds me of a Thai Lakorn)

Jasmine– She was cool, but I always thought Alladin was using her and really didn’t love her, plus, the Tiger liked her way too much

Pocahontas– Amazing story (didn’t really care for Smith)-dreams crushed when I heard the real story


That girl was utterly amazing- She rebelled, she wanted to uphold her family honor (in real life she was a warrior ready for battle), she wanted to save her nation, – She was all about EQUALITY. And most important- She tried her best in everything she did. No matter how hard it was, she gave it her all. That was the kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up and I’m still striving for that.

Mulan is an amazing role model for all- I’m not downing the others, but she set the bar high. She is a fighter and not only in battle, but in LIFE.  I salute her and all the FEMALE WARRIORS OF THE WORLD

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5 comments on “Mulan: Best Disney Role Model by JOY (BLW Contributor)

  1. Dr Ruth 2point0 (Anna) says:

    Love Mulan! And Buffy!

  2. hmmkiki says:

    Hmm I never think of her when I think of Disney princesses! Buy yes, equality

  3. Totally agree about Mulan! 🙂 I’m kind of surprised that Ariel wasn’t mentioned though. She gives up being a mermaid to be with a guy smh…

  4. Absolutely! That movie seemed the most realistic in terms of the relationships and culture portrayed that also affected the relationships. I also love love the songs. I think they have the best songs compared to the other ones.

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