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Forgetful me by My Random Musings (BLW Contributor)

I left the house this morning wanting to get 3 things from the store. There was no list because I believed that there was no way I could forget 3 items. Fast forward 10 minutes later, I am standing at the grocery store with 2 things but absolutely drawing a blank on the 3rd item. The store clerk sees me standing around helplessly, therefore comes over to ask me if I would like any help, I say yes, but foolishly keep staring at him because I could not remember what it was I wanted.

This whole incident shattered me.  Was I getting dementia or Alzheimer’s or whatever else that happens with age ?  I stood staring at the cooler section, because I at least did remember that the item I wanted was in that section. Eventually my eyes wandered over to the butter and then it hit me…. aha it was buttermilk…I grabbed the bottle but kept saying buttermilk, buttermilk, over and over again in my head hoping that I will never forget it again.

This made me wonder why is it that I could forget what I wanted in 10 minutes but certain things no matter how much I would like to forget it never happens.

Sometimes I would like to forget to wake up to the alarm, I would like to forget Mondays, I would definitely like to forget some people and mostly some of the things I have done as a teenager.

How about why can’t I forget how my ex-boy friend hurt me or better yet why can I not forget him and not ever have a thought of him. What about the friend that betrayed me, why do all those thoughts constantly stay ingrained in my head, when other things just seem to fade easily ?

I am sure there is some logical explanation to all of it. I won’t even attempt to google it, because most likely when I start reading and get somewhere I would have forgotten what the first part said.

Fortunately the forgetting spells have been extremely rare…  there might be a few times I forgot where I parked my car, but in my defense, it was a huge parking lot and I was in a rush and not paying attention. At least that’s my story and I am sticking to it. I have said this before, I am a creature of habit. When I go to the mall, there is only one entrance I would use, when I go to run, I go the same route, which probably helps with mot forgetting.

Where was I going with this post ? I guess I forgot again. 🙂

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  1. Ha, this is the story of my life!!! I think we just have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much on our minds. I’m learning about working memory (because of the kiddos) and it’s pretty fascinating. Anyway, I just stopped in to say you’re DEFINITELY not alone. 😉

  2. This happens to me constantly! One time- pretty recently actually- I went to a movie with a friend and we met there. The movie was at a mall, when we got out- I completely forgot where I left my car. My friend drove me around the mall lots looking for it- I kept saying- I definitely thought it was in this lot! Turns out I didn’t even park in the lot I thought I did- it was a completely different one. I have to write down where I park my car all of the time- and I have definitely forgotten something within a few minutes! Lol

    1. I often wondered if there was an app for where I parked my car. A GPS positioning would be great. I have had a few embarrassing situations of nearly opening the wrong car door, in my defense there are a lot of black mazdas around. Thanks for reading.

    1. Glad there are so many others who are in the similar situation….forgetfulness on my own might be boring…. gotta run, forgot that there is a cake in the oven and I just smelt it.. 😀

    1. I know exactly what you mean. There are many times I open the fridge, stare at it and don’t have a clue why I was even there, but I can remember almost word to word of conversations with the one that still has a part of my heart…. we are indeed strange creatures. Thanks for reading.

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