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How to Make Things Happen…by Abigail Kuhn (BLW Contributor)

Quote and Picture from Brainy Quote.

I’ve been thinking recently about the accomplishments in my life and what I’ve done. I had begun to think well I haven’t accomplished all that much, but after re-evaluating, I realized how wrong I was. I have many accomplishments in my life. Then I found the quote above and since my mind has been rolling along the lines of how I can have accomplishments on some of my dreams. Sometimes, in life if we want to accomplish things, we have to make things happen instead of letting things happen to us, we can happen to things. Obviously, we want to be careful not to force our hand at something that we are definitely not cut out for or that isn’t in our best interest.

One of the things that I’ve happened to in my life is my business. Last year after my cancer diagnosis I began thinking what I could do from home while watching my twin toddlers and in the hospital should I need to undergo treatments. I thought about things that I loved doing and found that I could start a virtual assistant business and landed my first client in September. Then others followed. Then I began my business blog back in November and that has been successful as well. I also began to write my first book which I’m planning to have published by the end of March. So instead of just letting those things happen to me, I happened to them.

Your homework or challenge: 

My question to you now is to think about the things that you like to happen to you in your life and then set in motion plans to happen to them instead . As I said make sure that these things are in your’s and your family’s best interest before following through with them. Write them in your planner. If you don’t have a planner see this post for some ideas of one you can use.  Then please come back and share them with us! We love to hear from our readers.

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  1. Wow !! I have been pondering this question to myself … Is stuff just steam rolling over me ? Or can I happen to things ? It seems like the last 4 years have been so tough… With no open doors at all. So I really need to figure out what is it I need to do. Most likely I know, it’s just taking the first. Cancer report threw me way off balance…. Thanks for your post…

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