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Wisdom Wednesdays (Kinda) – The 50% by Kanye West (Kanye West Meltdown)

Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Fake Ass’ in Leaked ‘SNL’ Meltdown Audio

Yeezus! The audio of Kanye West’s backstage tantrum at Saturday Night Live was leaked on Wednesday, February 17, and he manages a crazy dig at Taylor Swift and other stars. 

Us Weekly confirmed on Tuesday that West had a meltdown moments before the live broadcast and threatened to walk off during his stint. As reported, the rapper was incredibly upset about last-minute changes to his stage setup and other arrangements agreed upon prior to the live show. 

Page Six obtained the exclusive, expletive-filled audio from West’s rant, and indeed, Yeezy is very upset. “Look at that s–t, they took my f–kin’ stage off SNL without asking me,” he says. “Now I’m bummed. That and Taylor Swift. Fake ass. Now we’re gonna do this. We’re breaking the motherf–king Internet.”
West’s dig at Swift was made just one day after the “Out of the Woods” singer’s publicist went on the record with Us Weekly to discredit a lyric in his new song, “Famous.” In it, the T.L.O.P. artist raps: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” 
West’s rant from SNL didn’t stop there. Later, during the show, he got vexed with NBC staffers and referred to them as “white motherf–kers,” and repeated “don’t f–k with me” at least three times in one sentence.

Despite that Tantrum, West eventually made his way to the stage to perform “Highlights” and “Ultralight Beam” from The Life of Pablo. However, his meltdown was not forgotten.

“It was all that anyone talked about at the afterparty,” a source told Us.

Listen to the audio above. Warning: Explicit language throughout!



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