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Legendary Actress, Helen Mirren tells Drunk Drivers how she feels about them in a Superbowl AD – What are your thoughts about her comments?

Budweiser teams up with Helen Mirren to start a movement that stands apart from the typical drunk driving PSA by calling on drivers to #GiveADamn and protect their lives and the lives of others. 



  1. Harsh but well put and blunt. I like it and think others should stand up also. I am reblogging this and see what others think too. Harsh or not its good to me! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Having lost a loved one to a drunk driver, I think her message is great! Unfortunately it probably will not deter anyone. I live in the land of drunk drivers. In Wisconsin we have some of the most lax drunk driving laws in the United States. It’s disgusting.

  3. She speaks the truth but like celebrities telling people they should vote, wear certain perfume/cologne, what to wear, eat etc etc it will fall short of buzzing the radar and people will merely look at it as another ad they can skip past with their PVR TV’s now and sadly it continues on. I agree with Cornfedcontessa’s remark about it not deterring anyone and perhaps the law should be harsher and people who drive drunk should be made to watch the autopsy of the person they killed and have to help prep the body for the funeral and be an usher at the funeral home disguised and see just what damage they have done to someone else’s family. Maybe then people will begin to think about the consequences of drinking and driving. Frightening what people think they are capable of doing sometimes. But regardless, good ad to help fight the good fight against drunk driving

  4. Although I don’t particularly care for the language she choose i can appreciate the sentiment. Sort of an end justifying the means thing. For whatever her commentary is worth as far as yielding any result; who knows!? Just another commercial as far as I can tell.

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