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To the Lovers by Reynab (BLW Contributor)


Lovely giggles, warmth, kisses on the forehead it is the bath of endorphins your brain stops.

Enticement, while the sun sets on a balcony and the look of your lovely face.

Your caresses, across my faith feel out of body as you kiss me softly, lips touch, glaze over.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth all the elements embrace us.

Clear Skies, waves in slow motion, pounding our hearts.

Erosion sometimes happen, but, we always pick up where we left of.

Eons, Millenniums, we always seem to find each other.

Complete, our creator managed to die for us to feel a pitter patter.

Ultimate sacrifice, as we barely begin to understand what it is to love.

Lovers, be complete with our creator and when you find your soulmate your love life will always be a fairy tale.

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