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How important is eye candy? by Lizza Who (BLW Contributor)

Are men much less attractive than women ?

I have been thinking this for ages, that men are much more likely to find women sexually attractive then we find them. LOL! You may say – bloody everyone knows that! Its really unfair actually. 😫

Firstly a man will simply go to the supermarket & see a couple of attractive girls either working there or shopping that he is interested in.

A woman on the other hand, will have been out & about all month, traveled interstate, been in 12 buildings, 24 shops & a few bars & still found not one man she can say was attractive enough to take home. Man that sucks! 😫😩😭

So women , in my opinion on average are so much more attractive than men. For some reason men think it’s ok to be unattractive ! Well it’s not !

Are women born better looking ? Or are men just not taking care of themselves like women do & think we should somehow be ok with this attraction inequality!

Well I’m not ok with it at all! 😫😪

Women diet, go to gyms, wear makeup, pedicures, manicures, botox / fillers, hair styles, face cremes, fake tans, lipo, fake boobs, body fat contouring machines, laser treatments, hair removal, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, etc, etc.

I’m not saying men don’t do any of this. They do. But no where near the same dedication & ongoing commitment to look after their appearance. And, women start from their early 20’s with all this upkeep (even botox for prevention) as they call it, & spend a fortune over their life-time.

No wonder a man can just go to a  supermarket for 20 min & see eye candy everywhere! Where’s my eye candy I scream ! ? Yeah where ? 😡No where ! Is it behind the beards that you’re all growing coz you can’t be bothered shaving? Or your sun kissed skin that looks aged & leather’d before you’ve even hit 30 coz u haven’t used a face creme.. like .. ever ! Or is it your white (natural) un-fake  tan that you don’t ever bother with! Maybe it’s your hairy body & your pot belly that really clinches the eye candy deal !

Fuck Australia – men in this country are NOT attractive enough! & if you think for one moment that this is ok – well it’s not!

Pull your fingers out blokes , because life is simply so much sadder with such little eye candy around 😔 😪

Thank god my man is naturally stunning (which btw is extremely  rare) otherwise I would have been seriously depressed some time ago.

But what’s annoying is he can find a good looking girl on every corner, & I have a lot to compete with. While me, I get all my eye candy at home & he certainly doesn’t need to worry when I go out ! because the pitiful standards are such that I can barely even go window shopping 😡 👊

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  1. Going to make the same comment here that I made on LizzaWho’s original post (which has been awaiting moderation there for a week now:

    I’m not sure how I want to respond to this. The simple reply is that I simply do not experience the lack of eye candy that you do. If anything, I am overloaded with examples of men that I find physically attractive!

    However, I think there are much bigger, underlying issues here – even beyond the notion of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – which it certainly is. I don’t think that one gender is generally more attractive, but I do acknowledge that there are hundreds of years of social and cultural influence that shape our concepts and definitions of “attractive”. Just off the top of my head:

    1) Differences in expectation of gender expression – Conventional ideals and standards are different for men and women. Women told they need to be skinny (but not too skinny. and still manage to have breasts that are large, but not too large. and a butt that isn’t too small but somehow manages to not have any cellulite if it is more rotund). The feminine ideal is often soft, light, and graceful. Whereas men are encouraged to be strong and powerful. The masculine ideal is often hard, dark, and rugged. These ideals result in different appearances. (And, for the record, I find both rather silly and confining.)

    2) The cultural value of beauty – For much of history (and still so in much of the world), women were relegated to nothing more than property. Seen as objects whose opinions, desires, feelings, ambitions, etc. were discounted and carried no value in society. We were essentially told to shut up, look pretty, and birth children. Men didn’t *need* to rely on looks nearly as much as women. Unlike women, men were able to earn income and accrue wealth and power. And it was this wealth and power that became the “attractive” qualities for males. It did not matter if a man was physically appealing to women – his wealth and status would secure him a wife and thus heirs. If a woman was not physically appealing, it was questionable whether she could get a husband and the financial security that he came with.

    1. Yea, thanks a lot stupid medieval times for laying down such standards and screwing us contemporary people. If I had a time machine I’d go back and slap them all. You could join me if you wish. Violence is never the answer, but in such a case it’s highly justified. Oh, ok, we could try to convince them, politely, of their errors firstly. But if that didn’t work we could lay the smack down WWE style. lol.

  2. There are, indeed, women who find men attractive, whom only find other women attractive only on an aesthetic level. In other words, they find more natural beauty in men. Thank goodness we all have different mindsets regarding standards or many of us would never find dates. That is to say, for example, not all men want Cindy Crawford, nor do all women want Bill Gates. I, for one, can’t stand fake body parts, and require an all natural woman. As far as everything else you have listed regarding standards. Well, if you find a woman who does all these activities slap a suit on her and call her: Super High Maintenance Woman. So I could know who she is and avoid dating her. But, alas, most women only stick with what they are comfortable with, which is good since they needn’t feel the burden placed upon them through societal or media pressures to look like the girl on the billboard, yet still manage to look attractive. Plenty of women who look good even without makeup, however mysteriously get dates.

    Perhaps there’s a revolt in your country whereas men just aren’t feeling the need to look all that attractive towards women. You should get busy investigating that. lol.

  3. Peacock – bright beautiful feathers. Peahen – fricking brown.
    Male Mallard Duck – bright green head. Female Mallard Duck – fricking brown. Lion – large beautiful mane. Lioness – nonexistent. In nature, it is the male who proves his worth to the female because he has to show his offspring can survive.

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