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The New Barbie Makeover – Mattel releases three new body types: petite, tall, and curvy – What are your thoughts of the new dolls?

The new Barbie comes in three new body types: petite, tall, and curvy – landing her a spot on the cover of Time Magazine with the headline, “Now can we stop talking about my body?”

The top-secret development of new dolls was dubbed Project Dawn and they even have a customer support line prepared to field calls about original Barbie’s clothes not fitting on curvy Barbie.

Barbie now comes in four different body shapes, seven different skin tones and 18 different hairstyles. Watch out human Barbies, y’all are about to get some serious competition. 

What are your thoughts of the new dolls?



  1. I’ve waited for Mattel to do this my entire life! So excited for the girls who will benefit from seeing such a variety and real representation of these dolls.

  2. I think its an interesting idea that they are embracing all body types. But this is not new, many other brands have already introduced realistic dolls. MATTEL is playing catch up.

  3. As I’ve been saying all day in various social media platforms (because dolls are my thing), I’m happy to finally see these changes coming to Barbie. However, I’m pretty confident that Lammily helped to pave the way for this.

  4. Can I be the ‘different person’ and ask, what happens when a slightly chubby girl gets a slightly chubby barbie doll? Will she wonder why she didn’t get a slim one? Just putting it out there. But I do agree that there should be more choice with Barbie and am glad she is shaking things up ….

    1. I’m sure context matters. Ex: Does the kid have a sibling you’re also getting a doll for?-Are you getting a “chubby” doll for one and a “thin” doll for another where one kid is chubbier than the other?

      I think, for the most part, kids and parents can tell if there is malicious intent or a back handed compliment involved in the gift.

  5. This is very exciting news but also totally transitory. The new dolls won’t last even one year. However, I intend to buy chubby Barbie and all her outfits before they’re gone. I hope she gets pretty clothes.

  6. Good on ’em, I guess. But at the same time, I can’t help but scream inside my head “It’s just a doll!! What does it matter?!”. I LOVED Barbie as a kid, and _always_ played with the ridiculous amount of them that I had – but not once did I think of how she looked and why. To me, she was still a doll.
    So aren’t we ourselves pushing these body images onto our little girls? I mean, kids don’t even see difference in skin color until we point it out, so how could they see that a _doll_ should be at all similar to real people? We just need to get real, people.

    1. I see your point but I also think it’s important for us to understand that kids are experiencing a whole new world so to say, things are being brought to their attention and they have questions. It may seem as if body aesthetics are being pushed onto them but at the same with so much out here that highlights body posi and acceptance (some being too much for kids) why not start somewhere that’s easier to break down to them so they have a little understanding of what’s going on in the world because regardless if we don’t tell our kids ourselves they are going to see or find out somehow.. They are just kids, young and innocent, seeing the world in color so think of them as artist versus a regular person; the regular person sees red, blue, & yellow but the artist sees sunset red, turquoise blue, and dandelion yellow so for me it’s as if Barbie is adding more colors to their wheel instead of forcing them to only see black and white.

      1. I understand what you’re saying there, RMitchell, but still think that we should encourage our children to explore these things in their own pace, rather than force it onto them when they’re as young as one would be when playing with dolls. And this doesn’t only go for Barbie, but everything out there – clothes, movies/TV-shows, books, etc. Anything that is aimed at children.

    2. I can agree with both yours and RMitchell’s comments and can see both sides of the spectrum. Personally, I don’t recall having body issues from playing with my barbies but can see how today’s influences on youth have changed. Maybe instead of looking at just the “shape” of Barbie, the whole look should be addressed. Most Barbies look like they’re headed to a seedy night club, with thigh high stockings and boots, mini skirts and tube tops (no judgment intended). Maybe the overall look needs to be more kid friendly? Like the video of the lady who removed Barbie’s makeup for a more clean face approach.

  7. Meh. I guess Barbie never gave me a complex. I understand that my dolls were just dolls. I never wanted to look like them as a child. I mean, they can’t even bend their knees.

  8. About time, and with lego finally releasing a disabled lego character hopefully all companies will start to follow suit and ensure there are a variety of toys on sale that include all races, shapes and sizes and disabilities! The rest is then up to the imagination of the children!

  9. I think it’s a joke, it reminds me of the 579 stores that sold cheap clothing. Of my existence on this earth, I have continuously been blown away by the myriad of body types that I have seen for both sexes. You can’t dumb down people to that small of a demographic, but personality tests have done it for years. Let’s face it, people were meant to be unique, don’t place me in that box Bc depending on how I eat and exercise I can change from month to month, don’t even get me started on the twigs with fake boobs; guess they get the fantasy body type. Xoxoxo

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