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My life, societal rules by Khwahish Sharma (BLW Contributor)


Welcome to society. 

Here we serve you with the best of what we have.

Oh if you’re living with a misconception, 

That it’ll be easy for you,

I’m sorry to break your bubble,

That the ordeals might just get double.

We don’t just fail to acknowledge

The abilities of our child

But to top that up, we never leave a chance 

To compare our children’s grades compiled.

Because you think, that will be motivating enough for them?

How bad I wish it were true!

Of course you can be friends with anyone you want,

If only they weren’t judging you of your social and financial status that day, when you couldn’t afford Louis Vuitton.

You think you are a woman who can roam around with short and revealing dress?

Oh girl, I wish you could, without those lewd and judgmental stares from them which’ll leave you stressed.

So you label her with different accusing names, 

Because she likes hanging out with boys more than girls?
Nothing could be more disgraceful than this mere orthodox mentality.

I’d suggest run away, run as fast as you can, from the society.

The path will you lead you to nowhere.

Because here is where you belong.

Here is where you must survive.

You are society and society is you.

Make the change you want to see.

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