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Inside Art – Les Demoiselles D’Avignon – Pablo Picasso (1907) by Joe Andaloro


This is the painting that changed modern art forever. It was thought of as a bad joke by Picasso’s friends, critics and rivals, including Henri Matisse in which he deemed the work an “insult to the modern movement.”

The piece sat in a dark corner of Picasso’s studio for nearly a decade before it was first exhibited in 1916. It then turned the art world upside down. The painting was deemed crude, repulsive and unfinished but Pablo called it Cubism.


It marked the beginning of the cubist movement. The scene depicts harlots in a brothel in Barcelona. Pablo frequented a nearby African History museum and was influenced by tribal masks seen mimicked on the faces of the working ladies.

You can check it out @ MOMA  /   Follow Joe on  ig



  1. I love PIcasso, and this is a great example of why his work delights me so much. Some people don’t necessarily get it, but I always feel that, the more I consider a piece by him, its context, the world from which it’s coming from, the more I fall in love with it. I had the pleasure of catching the Picasso exhibit held a few years ago at the Art Institute of Chicago, and there is no denying that this man had talent, as well as a lot of balls to paint something so incredibly different when he could have easily stayed on a more traditional path.

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