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Second Chances – Does this woman deserve your money to remove her 420 forehead tattoo?


Tabitha Renea West has already collected more than $340 from 28 people since her campaign launched Wednesday. The page had more than 11,000 shares just before noon Thursday.

West said she wants to remove the tattoo from her head to “have a better start out in life and have a second chance.” She apparently got the tattoo when she was “young n (sic) dumb.”

Now that she’s older and looking for a job, she said she “can’t stand to look” at her face anymore and was almost driven to suicide over it.

“Save a life, save me,” she wrote. “Invest in me and I will show you I can be better with my life.”

Does this woman deserve your money to remove her 420 forehead tattoo? If she does go to her GoFundMe Page:



  1. If people are willing to give it, that is their choice without need for our evaluation, permission or judgement. We all go through our own tailored stuff in life that promotes empathy when others would not understand.

  2. We all do things when we’re young and dumb as they say. It varies. Sure but there are limitations to that. As tmezpoetry above stated we all go through our own tailored stuff in life, and then face our demons at that bridge when the time comes but getting tattoos isn’t something you just rush out and get, well for me at least, you have to think on it because they really are “permanent” and having one removed out of shame or whatever the reason be will still leave a mark. She will need some corrective surgery to her forehead. It isn’t going to be cheap! Best of luck to her in raising the money and that she follows through with her promises.

  3. Her removing the tattoo is the best and most responsible thing she can do for herself. She won’t get hired by anyone looking like that. There are things she can do in the meantime, though, to cover it up. She can cut her bangs so her hair covers her forehead. She can also use tattoo cover-up make-up. It’s up to people whether they want to put their trust in someone with the money they donate to them. I personally would be afraid she’d use the money for something else.

  4. What I´m wondering is who are the idiots that are giving her money. She should have thought about those tattos, in the forehead? You got to be kidding me. Who´s going to hire this one would also be my question, unless is a tatoo shop.

  5. That’s a tough one. My first response would be to have her pay for the removal herself. However, her work options are limited by the tattoo and I must admit I did some really stupid stuff when I was young. I would not mind donating money to a doctor or organization that would be responsible for removing the tattoo.

  6. Smart move on her part! I’m glad she made her goal and hope that she uses the funds to remove it – everyone makes mistakes! Good luck to her 🙂

  7. Even though I can relate to the whole “I did stupid things when I was younger” thing, I can’t help but think this is one of those times an individual feels entitled and deserves for other people to pay for their mistakes. If she could pay for the original tattoo, she can pay for its removal… And like a previous poster mentioned, there are ways to cover it up like bangs or even a great make up job.

  8. I’m all for second chances, we’ve all done stupid things in the past. I just wonder if she tried any legit ways of getting the money for the removal of the tattoo before crowdfunding. Unfortunately the people who did give money may never know if she really used their donations for the reason she asked for them.

  9. I see this as a non-issue. She has the freedom to post her request, no one is forced to donate. Any funds she has received were freely and willingly given. Where is the problem?

  10. So many GoFund me accounts today-I think some are outrageous but who knows who will be led to donate to some cause… God knows and I pray that people will seek God on who to donate to. Worthy that she wants to change her life, hopefully she will be a wise steward and do exactly what she petitioned to do.

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