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Killing Yourself Twice – Magic! by Re-Open Cobian (BLW Contributor) – Happy Flashback Friday!!!

You can’t kill yourself twice.

According to Anton Brookes, who was working with the Nirvana on their British press interviews as a publicist at the time, “I went up an hour beforehand to touch base with everyone and check whether everything was okay. [Today] it wasn’t. There was obviously a massive altercation going on between Kurt and Courtney. You don’t want to get involved in a husband and wife dispute…You could hear  odd things being smashed…I had to keep going between the rooms and the lobby, telling the journalists ‘It’ll happen, but everything’s kind of running late,’” Brookes told The Fly. Come the afternoon, “We realized we should go in. We went rushing into the bathroom and slumped behind the toilet was Kurt with a syringe in his arm, blue.

See….when someone overdoses with heroin (injecting) most of the time they are found with the needle still in their arm (or injection site) There are some graphic examples of this on google image searches, and I won’t post those here, but remembering back to February 2014. Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose in his bathroom. Needle still in his arm.  Other addicts will wake up after injecting, and the needle will still be in their arm. Luckily they wake up right?

Before Kurt was murdered, apparently he too was found by Anton Brookes with the needle still in his arm.

So…hypothetically here. Kurt Cobain wants to commit suicide. Instead of taking a massive dose of heroin and going to sleep, never to wake up, he decided to take heroin (a lethal dose of it) and THEN shoot himself?

We are expected to believe he could still function after taking that lethal dose.  That dose would have rendered him unconscious in a matter of seconds. That means he wouldn’t have been able to even finish pushing the syringe to empty it. He would have been found with the needle in his arm. YET…

He put the caps back on the  syringes, and the syringes were put back in the cigar box, so was the spoon. He rolled down his sleeves. Picked up a shot-gun, positioned it, and pulled the trigger. He would have had to do all of this in less than 30 seconds. REMEMBER – he would have been unconscious by 15-30 seconds but how would he start to feel just 8 seconds after that amount of heroin? Woozy? Blurred vision? Lack of coordination? He also still had Valium(Diazepam) in his system.

Think about this. Have you ever had surgery? Were you given anything by IV or straight into a port (in your vein) to calm you down, or make you relaxed before surgery? I have. I had a little port in my left arm (at the elbow where most addicts like to inject) I was given Valium. Within 10 seconds I was light-headed. The amount they gave me wasn’t anything like heroin or as strong. The amount of heroin found in Kurt’s system was more than what any seasoned addict could withstand. How fast would that incapacitate him?

He’s found unconscious with a syringe still in his arm from overdosing before his alleged suicide.

He was found without a needle in his arm, everything in place, and shot himself after the dose in April 1994.

…….Doesn’t make sense does it?

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  1. I’ve always said that Courtney Love and David Geffen had a hand or two in killing him. Kurt said after “In Utero” in an interview that there was nothing else to write at the time and by then in ’94 Nirvana was at their zenith in popularity and pretty much had the music world at their beckon call. So knowing that it would push album sales through the roof the two of them (Love and Geffen) “helped” see him through with his suicide. That’s just my thoughts and I’ve always thought that regardless of the numerous documentaries and conspiracy theories out there that vary form what I think and I know many others think the same way. Until someone says something we’ll never know perhaps.

  2. Where’s the “tall blonde Lady with a hat”, that was reportedly seen walking him back to his house that night? Anyone know anything about that? Did they ever find her? Regardless, what a fucked up deal. Such a loss. Peace Baby.

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