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How Chipotle made hundreds of people barf? – Do you still want to eat at Chipotle?

After hearing a trickle of reports about food poisoning over recent months, millions of lunch-seeking Americans are probably wondering: Is it safe to eat at Chipotle?

The bad news is that public health investigators haven’t identified the source of the E. coli that sickened almost 60 Chipotle customers in 11 states. By the time they started testing the restaurants and the employees, they couldn’t find a trace of the bacteria.

But that may be a blessing in disguise because without a specific ingredient or supplier to blame, Chipotle has to inspect everything.

Spurred by repeated cases of food poisoning in the past six months — not just from E. coli, but also norovirus (caused by sick workers) and Salmonella (caused by contaminated tomatoes) —Chipotle announced an ambitious food-safety plan that, if implemented, could make Chipotle one of the safer fast food chains out there.



  1. I took a Safety & Sanitation class in college (even took the national ServSafe test) and we discussed Jack In The Box, which had a more dire outbreak than this, it almost ruined their restaurants. And I have to say, given the countries shift towards healthier foods and wanting to know where their food comes from I’m actually surprised by the number of people I have seen say they don’t care about this and that they will continue to eat at Chipotle! As for me, nope I’m good!

  2. Hmm, food for thought … just noticed the large number of tags on the post. I haven’t had much luck getting my posts on the reader when I do this, so been keeping my total categories + tags at less than 15. Cheers!

  3. It is a puzzle looking at the randomness (seemingly) of the various outbreaks. Obviously some of their policies/suppliers/methods were flawed! For me, jury is out (only because my kiddos so love Chipotle!!!)

  4. I think I eventually will go back to Chipotle, just like how people eventually went back to Jack in the Box, and all the other places with outbreaks. Unless you’re going to cook every. single. bite. of. food. until it reaches 180 degrees, you’re going to risk food poisoning. No getting around it anymore. But I think I’ll wait a bit longer until they have this sorted out. And if I were Chipotle, I’d pay a lot of money to hire the people who helped Jack in the Box get their customers back.

    Mmmmmm, Jack in the Box. Best. Iced. Mochas. EVER!

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